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Some stories of the people/whanau buried in Block E in order of plot number.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Victor Strachan Lardelli's grave is in Block E with a beautiful new headstone. Victor was an early Waimata settler who bought Kowhai Station from the NZ Native Land Settlement Company. He married Apikara Putiputi Leach of Whangara and one of their grandchildren is Derek Lardelli, made an ONZM for services to Maori arts in 2008.

Click the link to view a document which includes brief sketches of the life stories of some of the people who are buried in Block E. The document is being added to constantly, and any contributions are very welcome.

The plots are listed in numerical order, but an easy way to find a name, the plot reference, or an event, is - after downloading the document, open it and use the function "Ctrl f". (Hold down the Ctrl key while you press "f".) This will open a "find" window where you can type in a search word.

Makaraka Cemetery - Block E
Download PDF • 4.61MB

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