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Kioreroa Cemetery, The Story of Whangarei's Early Cemetery, 1878 - 2005

Researched, written, and produced by M. T. Rusk, 2006.

This story has close similarity with that of Makaraka Cemetery, which is described in the "Historical Significance of Makaraka Cemetery" written by Sheridan Gundry (see "Historical Significance" tab)

M. T. Rusk describes Kioreroa Cemetery's story as "An Abomination".

See his story attached below...

Eventually, in 2009 after repeated requests from the community a memorial was erected to honour the people buried in the cemetery, whose headstones had been removed and destroyed. A memorial is also needed at Makaraka Cemetery. Over 500 headstones were removed and destroyed as a result of Cook County Council's decision to reduce the costs of maintenance and turn the historic cemetery into a park.

Makaraka Cemetery cf Kioreroa Cemetery, Whangarei, Rusk 2006
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