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Historic Places Tairawhiti Cemetery Tour

On June 13th, 2021, HPT led a tour through Makaraka Cemetery for people to learn about Gisborne's development through the stories of some of the people buried within the Cemetery,

Makaraka Cemetery HPT tour, June 2021
Download PD • 1.24MB

The tour brochure, with the story of Makaraka (Houhoupiko) Cemetery, and some of the people buried there.

Makaraka Cemetery HPT tour brochure 13 j
Download • 3.08MB

The map, showing the route of the tour.

Makaraka Cemetery HPT Tour route, June 2
Download • 8.34MB

The tour focused on the grave sites listed below. Some were covered in depth while others were noted as part of the story of the development of the town of Turanga/Gisborne.

  1. MKA, Plot 79; Henry Harris

  2. MKB, Plot 81; Waerenga a Hika memorial

  3. MKA, Plot 268; Margaret Sievwright

  4. MKH, Plot 259; James Woodbine Johnson

  5. MKH, Plot 422; Alfred Lawson Heale

  6. MKH, Plot 424; Edward and Harriet Burch

  7. MKG, Plot 328; Annie Martin

  8. MKB, Plot 130; James Whinray

  9. MKG, Plot 381; Charles Goldsmith

  10. MKB, Plot 640; Percival & Matilda Barker

  11. MKC, Plot 1170; William Douglas Lysnar

  12. MKC, Plot 1254; Allen Ramsay Muir

  13. MKC, Plot 1248; William Henry Tucker (Capt)

  14. MKF, Plot 1330; Thomas Chrisp

  15. MKE, Plot 1629; Victor Strachan Lardelli

  16. MKG, Plot 722; Ivan J Hoiby

  17. MKL/Jew, Plot 3; Susan DeCosta

  18. Old, Plot 9; Thomas U'ren

  19. Old, Plot 112; Henry Clayton

  20. Old, Plot 62; Elizabeth and William Tarr

  21. Old, Plot 144; Mary Gallagher Egan

  22. MKL, Plot 832; William Pettie

  23. MKM, Plot 1062; Eliza Jane and William Fox

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